Product Description

When describing a product you are selling, the aim is to engage your reader, persuade them that your product is the best on the market and, ultimately, make a sale.

It might surprise you to learn that potential customers aren’t necessarily interested in what your product does or even what it is….Customers want to know:

  • How your product can make their lives easier
  • What’s in it for them?
  • Does it solve a problem?

question-mark-1722862_640So, when writing a product description, we need to look at all the benefits and features of your product and then translate that into benefits for your potential customers. It’s a matter of getting them hooked.

Research has shown that most people scan articles – they don’t actually read them all, so the product description needs to be easy to read and to the point. Bullet points are effective in drawing the eye and keeping attention. Of course, the most effective way to be sure you will capture your audience is to read it aloud and see if it captures your attention.

Have a go and see how you get on. On the other hand, if you would just prefer to get it done without having to think too much about it, let me do it for you!