Corporate Recommendations

India Assignment November – December 2010 – I worked on an assignment for a month in Chennai, India for a mental health charity – The Banyan.

“Cindy spent a month with us at The Banyan and the training she provided was crucial to the new Comms’ team with her communication exercises helpful in creating a sound communication strategy for the organisation. Cindy was very dedicated in her mission to train us and led us through many presentations outlining communication strategies. She articulated her points clearly and was always ready to answer even the simplest of queries. After she left we introduced ‘Under the Canopy’ the Banyan newsletter which turned out to be very successful among our donors. It was designed and presented with many pointers that Cindy had given us. Cindy helped the Comms’ team establish a sound Communications base and it was a great experience for the team to learn and work with her.”
Tanya Dutt – Communications Director, The Banyan

“Cindy and I worked together on a multi million pound brand campaign with various channels of promotions – TV, online and offline – Cindy with her wealth of experience and knowledge helped write and distribute the communications out to a specific audience. Cindy’s input was invaluable to the campaign and enabled a successful outcome. Thanks Cindy.”
Gill McCombe, Marketing, Zurich Financial Services