DSC_0127 (520x640)Hi, I’m Cindy Mobey and I help people just like you,  to market their small businesses. I am lucky enough to be able to work from home in SW France as a freelance writer, but no matter where you live in the world, I can still help you out…that’s the joy of working online!

So, what can I do to help you? Firstly, I offer a FREE, one-hour consultation, so we can talk about your business and find out exactly what you need. You might want help with a website design or just help with writing the content. You may want advice and help on how to set up a business and marketing plan; set up a newsletter for your customers to keep them informed; talk about how to advertise your business using Social Media sites; set up a blog  or need some hard copy brochures or flyers. Whatever it is you need to do, I will be able to help you.

Having professional written content can help your business in many ways:

  • Increase your website’s ability to be found in search engines by using the correct keywords and phrases
  • Increase engagement with your customers and potential customers on social media sites
  • Increase your sales or visibility of your services , which can turn visitors to your website, blog or social network page into customers
  • Help your business stand out from the crowd

Marketing your business is a crucial part of its success; it helps expand your customer base and brings you new opportunities.

How to market your business effectively is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. I can ensure that your business will be found more easily in search engines, with relevant content using keywords and phrases that your customers will use. Please see my Writing Services pages to see the full extent of what I can offer.

For the larger company, I can write internal communications to employees, brand literature, product descriptions and can also research articles that need to be written on a specific subject. Please see my Corporate Communications pages to find out more.

You can see blog posts from my blog, ‘The Write Way’, to the right of this page – please take a minute to have a look – there’s lots of great help and advice here on a variety of subjects linked to marketing a business. You can also click on the link to swing over to my Facebook page.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you to help your business along.